Notes from WordCamp US Report


Tonight we talked about WordCamp US, and I mentioned a few sites everyone might want to check out:

Coming in December

During our discussion tonight we talked about ideas for changing up the Meetup a bit. We landed on a plan to spend 2020 working on building a complex site together. One suggestion was that we build a site like Meetup using WordPress tools. It’d be a membership site with a calendar of events, a way to collect membership payments, an asynchronous chat tool, etc.

So for our Meetup on December 3, we’re going to be figuring out how that’s going to work. We’ll talk about the features we want to build, what tools we might use, who can talk on each topic, and how to manage the project. This is your chance to take part in a group learning experience. We’ll break down a large project into monthly segments. Join us to help with the planning – we want everyone’s input!

stuff we dig

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