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You’re a successful engineer, medical professional, consultant, or lawyer with a lot to share with people who’d benefit from your knowledge, your professional services, or who’d just want to learn from your experience in life. It seems like these days having a presence on the Internet is so easy that it’s like writing a note to hang on the fridge.

But there’s more to it than tossing together a few website pages and hoping people will discover you. Without experience in building a website, attracting people to it, and maintaining an online conversation with the people interested your message:

A this time, it is when you would like to learn in an snap, how can you become a local thought leader that everybody around you are able to recognize, then they would like to find the way to reach you to have a conversation how to start working together in projects and activities.

I love to sit down with people who’ve done great things, have unique ideas, and are passionate about reaching the world to help make it a better place. You’re probably like me in that regards. But it can be almost impossible to find the time to keep these conversations going and develop these relationships further. So we have to find a way to scale our reach, expand our presence, and make more connections to keep our professional life very busy as we engage in more business and activities.

The very first point is to explore an easy and fast way to communicate our ideas to many people, then the way to do it is building a website that show to our audience our ideas, capabilities and share with them our success. Once we are ready to move to create our website, we need to  find a tool that make life easy for us in an affordable way.

From a technology point of view, WordPress is a great choice for building a website to expand your reach. There are many hosting providers in any price range that are able to provide the site, domain name, email, and support. This is good and bad, because, you as a professional person would like to focus in the benefit not in the plumbing required to have your site running to help you do more business and accomplish your goal of connect with your customers and network of interested people.

Then, we would like to focus on the value side of your business:

  • How to have an attractive looking site customized for your audience.
  • Identify the business tools to help you, like attracting customers, build interaction, provide functionality like training and community tools
  • Create great content and publish in the best way to attract more people to your site.
  • Support your customers and develop a better interaction with them to keep your business running.

Our community have been working with thousand of people like you that is busy running your business, at the time that their website is a tool to keep this business running and growing.

A great example is the site that is the effort of one person sharing his ideas about Product Management in the IoT Industry. The site has hundreds of posts, support an online course and has a weekly newsletter.

Now, you wonder, how I can have a site like this for my own business. You start to ask questions like:

  • How to start a project like this?
  • How much time and money should I invest in this project?
  • Can I anticipate the ROI for my business activities?
  • How do I set up all the infrastructure elements from hosting, domain, email, social media and so on?
  • How do I layout the site elements?
  • What kind of functionality should I provide to the profile of my audience?
  • What is hidden behind the scenes to know that my site is been visited for people?
  • How do I promote the site to bring the right audience?
  • What do I do to keep my site running safe and secure?

This and hundred of questions will come to you. When your start to talk about this subject you may feel that it is an impossible project to be carried on. That is the reason we want to help you to achieve your goals. In San Jose Meet WordPress community we want to share the experience of people that has done this before.

Along our meetings and the community we bring references to all elements of the puzzle and help you to make the best of you and communicate it to the world, as first step we have create the workshop “From Zero to WordPress in 4 hours” come to us and start a great way to be the next leader in your field that is known for everybody. In the workshop, you will learn how to start a new project from zero to nurture your own business.

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